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About Robert

Robert is a horror fiction author originally from Southwest Pennsylvania. His love of all things horror began at a young age while watching Saturday afternoon Universal monster classics with his grandfather and reading Weird Tales Magazine. From there his obsession grew into all things horror in all possible mediums. 

His great grandmother (an old world fortune teller from Eastern Europe) once told him, “You have a demon in you that only you can expel.” It wasn’t until he began writing that he finally understood what she meant. 

He has a deep passion for fear and for anything that will make the heart jump or send a shiver up the spine. Haunted houses, old cemeteries, abandoned factories, or deep dark caves, these are the places Robert explores in search of bone chilling fear. Out of these experiences, he is able to craft stories that open the reader’s eyes to possibilities never before imagined, causing countless hours of lost sleep with the lights on.

Dire Harvest is available at the following booksellers in Print and Digital


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